About Claire…

Claire has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years.  She holds a National Diploma in Public Relations Management and began her career in a PR consultancy, later joining the Emerald Casino in 1998.  After five years, a change was due and Claire ventured into theatre. She was appointed Production Assistant at Joburg Theatre in 2003.  She worked under Bernard Jay’s leadership as Marketing/Strategic Relations Manager and Associate Producer.  

On September 1st 2015, Claire was appointed Executive Producer for Joburg City Theatres, which included the programming of content for Joburg Theatre, Soweto Theatre and Roodepoort Theatre.

Career highlights with Joburg Theatre (Johannesburg Civic Theatre) include:

Emerald Resort & Casino

Organised the ‘Weekend with Manchester United Manager Sir Alex Ferguson’ event dealing with all marketing and promotional issues, event management and allied PR campaign.

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